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SWIM.AI has a Fully Distributed Edge to Datalake Automated Machine Learning Platform that is both Real-Time & Predcitive. It has the ability to push a customer's data models as close to the Edge or sensors as they have logic.

A couple of the benefits our technology brings since it is right in the data stream coming from the Edge en route to the Datalake is;

- considerably reduces the data volume to the datalake & resulting datalake size while maintaining the data's value thru enrichment and enhancement

- very strong method for pushing models out to the Edge (part of our IP & secret sauce)

There's much more, especially in what we call the fabric for using ''actors'' to look at large multivariate interactions around sensors or unique variables (situations where you have large numbers of sensors and looking at the inter-relationships of the values coming off those sensors).

Our technology can be used at the Edge or other applications, since it essentially sits in the data stream and is designed for real time processing of large volumes of high velocity data as is found in numerous Use Cases now from Internet Commerce, to Edge ML & Computing like smart cities and numerous cross industry IoT applications.

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Madhav Ranganathan
Account Executive

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