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Siven Group LLC



About Us

The mission of Siven Group LLC is to build proficiency within organizations to confidently start, lead, and finish business transformations that matter. The 70% failure rate of business transformations has been unconscionably high for decades. When organizations seek to elevate their performance by reorganizing functional areas, or by implementing software such as Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Workday, or Salesforce, they are in a business transformation. At Siven we believe that high-performing executives can improve their project’s success rate by developing their transformation mindsets and skills. We have taken 25+ years of experience leading clients through transformations and crafted a methodology for coaching C-Suite and Senior Executive teams to become ''transformation executives'' that beat the odds.

Siven Group LLC offers coaching and education services specifically for Transformation teams and executives: Executive Coaching, Program Coaching, Guided Assessments, and Bespoke Bootcamps. We transfer skills and knowledge while building leadership and teamwork proficiencies. Siven Group’s services go beyond replaying platitudes – using experiential learning and the client’s own project case in the classroom. The result is a stronger team who will take their next steps confidently. At Siven Group we develop teams into the the executives who finish transformations.

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