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About Us

DallasMMS LLC, is a broker service platform with access to many different programs from A.I. Translation, Health Insurance to Precious Metals.
LetzChat Translator Program technology is groundbreaking by accessing new demographics using A.I. for website translation, audio, video, land-line phones, Legal/Medical/Insurance, HIPPA compliant documents with 99% accuracy. Working with Governments Agencies, Universities and Enterprise Corporations clients have given use solid reviews.
Companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in FICA taxes. We have creative ways using pretax dollars for health insurance that will add working Capital to your bottom line, while giving employees a pay raise. Hedge Funds deploy this program to add working Capital overnight. This is a preventative plan that compliments your current health plan. Likewise, we can save individuals thousands on Medicare and qualify some people for Extra Help, Medicaid and Life Insurance liquid plans, with living funds.

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