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Tech Titans board approved goals for year

The goals for the Tech Titans organization in 2021. View our Tech Titans board. 


  • Develop a curated list of Collider resources and publish it to our audiences to add engagement by at least 20 new companies with the Collider program
  • Offer quarterly Innovation Collider services during 2021, including another national Grand Challenge
STEM Talent 
  • Produce inspirational STEM experiences for 5,000 North Texas school students in 2021.
  • Raise $100,000 in STEM Fund revenue thru contributions and contractual reimbursements
  • Create a personalized employee engagement toolkit for each Champion Circle member (email/website) by June 1, 2021
  • Create a branding video promoting Tech Titans  for use during Awards Gala and beyond
  • Roll out leadership and benefit-based messaging throughout channels using the ‘learn-do good-be seen’ value statements
  • Promote the Foundation and Tech Tuesdays
  • Promote specialized offerings to identified subgroups in the organization including emerging growth and young professionals
  • Procure the technology and produce hybrid events for the Tech Industry Luncheon and Forums by beginning of Q3 2021
  • Launch the Tech Tuesday event series by February 2021 to produce collaborative programs between the Forums and/or Tech Industry Luncheon to drive greater attendance.
  • Produce the Tech Titans Live Expo and annual Golf Tournament to provide business and networking opportunities for Tech Titans members and potential members.
  • Explore establishment of a peer-to-peer network for a C-suite group within Tech Titans by April 30, 2021
Legislative Advocacy
  • Develop and communicate a clear and compelling Legislative Agenda to the 87th Texas Legislature.
  • Develop Virtual DC and Austin “fly-ins” in the first half of 2021 to expose members to elected officials and advocate our agenda
  • Collaborate with other associations on Federal policy priorities
  • Produce a Board led membership drive in Q1
  • Improve retention of existing members to 85% during 2021
  • Develop a member introduction and match-making service by February 26, 2021
  • Exceed budgeted net income and avoid use of reserves for operations
  • Operationalize the Tech Titans Foundation
 Awards Gala – Kathy Curry & Paul Bendel
  • Produce a high-quality hybrid awards event in October 2021
  • Sell all major sponsorships
  • Equal or exceed number of 2020 nominations

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