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Forums tailor offerings to specific interests

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March 31, 2015
With the proliferation of technology and the divergent needs of the industry, the MTBC began last year on a concentrated effort to develop forums built around specific technology or business verticals where members could meet and share ideas around areas that would most benefit their careers and the future of their companies.

“Technology has permeated businesses from retailers dealing with cyber security risks to medical device firms developing robots to perform heart surgery,” said MTBC Chairman Kent Novak. “We believe the MTBC should be a place they can call home.”

The MTBC encourages those in any tech segment to find an area of activity in which to reach customers, suppliers, partners and employees. New special interest forums are forming to increase the number of opportunities for engagement.

Internet of Things
Business Intelligence
Design and Manufacturing

Health Technology

Watch the weekly calendar for upcoming committee meetings and events in the Cloud, Internet of Things, and Business Intelligence Forums along with the new Design and Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Health Technology Forums. You may also sign up for targeted emails for your areas of interest. As other needs arise among the MTBC membership, additional forums will be considered.

Sign up for each of the forum's email list to stay informed!
Information about each of the forums are online

All of these changes are the result of a strategic planning task force formed last year and charged with examining how the MTBC can do a better job in helping the tech community thrive in North Texas. 
“These changes will create more opportunities to have our customers in the room with us,” said Novak. “As the MTBC continues to grow, we are working to increase our effectiveness in serving our members and our tech community.”
Each forum will have a tri-chair system of management, with a forum council overseeing the collective forum system. Non-members may attend any of the forum meetings, though only members may have a leadership role. 
Special interest forums will vary committee meeting and event locations depending upon needs and availability. MTBC members who have a topical interest may host a meeting at their location. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Some information is still being developed as some of the groups are just now forming.
If you have any questions about the special interest forum program, please contact MTBC SVP Programs Paul Bendel at 972-792-2854.
Paul Bendel, Senior Vice President of Events
paul@metroplextbc.org, (972) 792-2855