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Mitel employees serve up STEM inspiration

Written by Melinda Guravich

Mitel employees around the world recently celebrated the company’s 46th anniversary by giving back on Mitel Serves Day. Employees from the company’s Plano headquarters spent the day providing STEM career inspiration–and pizza–during a Tech Titans panel presentation for 132 middle and high school students attending a STEM Coding camp at UT Dallas.

Led by president and CEO Rich McBee, Mitel was the first corporate investor in the Tech Titans STEM workforce initiative. “We owe our success to the communities we live in so we like to give back to them,” said Mona Abou-Sayed, vice president, Collaboration & Applications at Mitel.
(pictured are Priyanka Daryani, student at UT Dallas, Saad Abughazaleh, Ryan Smith, Jacqueline Hatchett, Mona Abou-Sayed, Shirley Wilson, Hajar Abdelmageed, Rod Wetterskog, UT Dallas)

The panel also included Rod Wetterskog, Assistant Dean, Corporate Relations, UT Dallas Jonsson School of Engineering, and a UT Dallas student majoring in computer science. The participants represented a diversity of career paths and educational experiences, emphasizing just how powerful and broad STEM careers can be within a technology company, from computer science and engineering to technical marketing and law. 

“I was very impressed with the insightful questions from the students in the audience,” said Abou-Sayed, who emceed the panel. “It is clear that our future is bright with this next generation of thinkers asking ‘Why’ and ‘What if!’”

 The campers, already on a STEM career path by virtue of their interest in coding, computers and video games, eagerly questioned panelists about emerging technologies, ranging from how 5G will affect STEM careers to the use of quantum technologies. Panelists provided insights on the future, from bio devices that monitor patients with chronic health conditions to the possibilities of inventing new technologies. They also emphasized the ongoing and increasing need for more clouds, more data centers and increased cybersecurity.

The STEM professionals encouraged their young audience to never stop learning, explore their interests and not be discouraged by failure: That sound advice reflects the essence of a STEM career: solving problems.
(click to watch a video of the conversation)

Watch a video of the conversation

Tech Titans is delivering STEM inspirations to hundreds of campers this summer, from coding and physics camps at UT Dallas to Wylie ISD’s SMART Girls Camp. Learn more by contacting Dave Galley, director of Tech Titans STEM workforce initiative at or visiting

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