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Member spotlight: Qentelli

 Having worked in the technology world for all their careers until then, Sanjay Jupudi and Prasanna Singaraju were bogged down by the fact that investors-controlled, top-line focused management killed innovation in pursuit of revenue targets. Value delivery was lost in the fine print of statements of work made for customers and giving back to the community was a myth. They said – there must be a better way of doing this. Let's build a company that is focused on profit with a purpose.  
The idea was to innovate – to build intellectual property (IP) that addresses the core of how technology is delivered – not just to build software but build rich digital experiences for brands to deliver super experiences to their customers. Today, the Qentelli cloud, digital innovation and IP helps accelerate business transformations for all their customers, and the Qentelli social responsibility initiatives have helped to touch and positively impact more than 100,000 lives.
Qentelli was born in 2015 as a company that enabled the digital enterprise. The pair wore multiple hats - sales, solutions, marketing, delivery. “We were an extremely lean organization and were stretched so thin, we built the website by ourselves in the first week after launch; we designed and printed off our business cards and sales brochures on the way to our first client meeting,” Sanjay said.  
The principles of Lean thinking, Zeal to Perfection and Saying Yes to Challenges--still form the core of the Qentelli culture today.
Qentelli came into existence because two technocrats questioned and re-defined every aspect of IT sweatshops and instead have ‘human’ at its center. Technology plays a very important role, but what is more important is the ‘humans’ that drive this technology. The founders believe that legacy can be defined, be rich and be ever-lasting only when surrounding communities participate in your growth story. After all--what good is it when communities don’t realize the value of your efforts and cannot look for a better future? 
Qentelli never misses an opportunity to serve fellow humans and make a difference in communities irrespective of where they are. From assembling an automated roti maker for a rural children's welfare house--to supplying medical equipment and essentials to underprivileged in the time of global pandemic--to educating and sponsoring cataract operations for the poor - every initiative by Qentelli has deep thought, honest intention, and an attempt to not just aid a little but to eliminate the problem with a sustainable solution. Together, we can make a better and a brighter place for future generations!
“One thing that kept us going across the forming, storming, norming, and performing phases of business is our culture,” said Prasanna. “A culture that is welcoming, a culture that helps you be – well, YOU! Our culture not just encourages you to fail fast, but we all join hands to ensure you fightback and learn faster. We celebrate the fails as well as celebrate the wins! Our culture not just emphasizes on innovation but provides the mindshare to innovate and further, rewards innovation.

"Finally, our culture teaches us that disagreements are good, in fact they are needed. Workplace silos? Pass… the culture keeps us together as a family. We put people over processes. We encourage full ownership, accountability, responsibility and foster open and honest communication. We encourage Qentellects to share ideas and feedback that can make us better every day.”

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