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Member profile: Jeanie Jones

Jeanie Jones is a familiar face in the close-knit community of Tech Titans.
She and her husband, Charlie, of Veritis Group, are long-time members. Jeanie is senior business development manager of Wimmer Solutions. Wimmer, founded in 2002, is a premier source for consulting solutions, managed solutions and staffing solutions.
“Connecting within our local community through Tech Titans is vital," Jeanie said. "Relationships are formed, and Tech Titans has many opportunities weekly, monthly and quarterly to cultivate and grow these relationships. it offers sources for knowledge and ‘up to date’ community and business information."
Jeanie has been involved in many committees and activities with Tech Titans. Golf tournaments are a favorite, but her major focus these days is diversity and inclusion, where she is seeking certification. She plans to share her learnings from numerous courses and tools with her employer Wimmer Solutions.
“There is great value from friendships, certainly business connections through Tech Titans,” she said. “The people that you meet – they are all great people. You feel camaraderie and are doing greater things for business organizations.”
"Our Tech Titans organization has an amazing staff that supports our members as well as our entire community. It is an honor to be a member and serve with these great people,” she said.

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