Innovation Showcase connects emerging companies with investors

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April 09, 2019
During Dallas Startup Week, Tech Titans hosted an Innovation Showcase that connects next-stage emerging companies with investors and corporate business. Foley Gardere hosted the event at their offices downtown, and Comerica was the sponsor.

The afternoon event featured a panel about the current investment climate in DFW. Panelists included:
Alyce Alston--CEO, Dallas Entrepreneur Center
Joe Beard--partner, Perot Jain
Steve Guengerich-- executive director, Institute for Innovation and  Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas
Glenn Singleton--vice chair, Transactions Practice Group, Foley Gardere
Bill Sproull, CEO/President, Tech Titans (moderator)

Watch the discussion on the Tech Titans YouTube channel. Read below for some notes from the session.

All parts of the ecosystem need to be healthy for the whole to be healthy: entrepreneurs, their support systems, corporations, the city/government, media, investors.
Austin tends to have concentrated tech assets around downtown, and, thus, things tend to happen faster in Dallas. It’s a better take to look at Texas as a whole.

The challenge is how to be more seamless in finding solutions here. Two years ago, Dallas was less mature and companies hadn’t been prepped to talk to investors. Now, the investor groups are better at working together. There may be a good idea that’s not good for me, but I know who to send you to. Alyce from the DEC, agrees that there is more education and programming for entrepreneurs who are past the ideation stage.

“My fear is awareness, that we’re missing on talent in our own backyard. Some of these entrepreneurs are out in the suburbs going it on their own. I want to make sure to get to them and tell them they have access to resources.”

Which investors are going to be interested in an idea? The ideas that are already in their wheelhouse. Entrepreneurs should talk to them about what they understand. 

DFW’s difference with the coasts is in national corporations and B2B, in which case ‘you have to come to Dallas.’

A concern was expressed about not seeing enough minority representation. Alyce mentioned the DEC’s Red Bird Innovation Center in south Dallas where 600 people are getting education and services.

The companies who presented included Tech Titans Awards or Fast Tech finalists and winners, who have revenue approaching $1 million. The companies who presented included:
Biometric ID                      Security
Callbox Storage                Personal Property Storage
GeoWhiz Universe LLC  Travel Hospitality
GuestX                                 Tourism Ticketing
Medibookr                         Healthcare
Modo Payments              FinTech
nDivision                              IT Services
Socrates Health Solutions          Medical Device
Solved                                  GreenTech; White box platform
TraceIT                                 Transportation logistics
TripBam                               Hotel rate shopping
VaultChain Security        Internet Security
Workplace Arcade          Sales Force productivity
Zimperium                          Mobile Device Security
If you would like an invite to future events, contact Beth Kolman.
Beth Kolman, Events Manager
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