Harvard Innovation Masterclass coming May 29-30

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April 23, 2019
Dr. David Ricketts, innovation fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, will be teaching the best ideas and practices from his semester long innovation course at Harvard in a two-day, highly interactive course in Dallas May 29-30. 
Dr. Ricketts has been leading the discussions around Tech Titans’ own innovation collider efforts of connecting our members with services meant to encourage an environment with innovative thinking creates breakthroughs. 
The course, “Accelerating the innovator within you” can help your company break into a new market, overtake the market leader, or developing disruptive innovations that will transform your organization. Tailored to fast-moving corporate executives, management teams and innovators at all levels who are looking to understand innovation and learn specific tools to grow innovation in their organizations and careers, the Masterclass is taught in an interactive format with both lecture and group innovation sessions.
Dr. David Ricketts has taught innovation at Harvard University for the past decade in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TECH), in the School of Engineering and Science. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and has held appointments at Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, MIT and North Carolina State University. Prior to moving to academia, Dr. Ricketts was a leader of R&D for several high-tech companies in consumer electronics and semiconductors. Dr. Ricketts shares his 20 years of corporate and academic research, lessons and insight in his executive masterclasses.
Module 1: Disruptive innovation 
  • How and why are industries disrupted 
  • How can you find and develop disruptive ideas and innovation
  • How successful companies have pivoted to disrupt and outperform their competition 
Module 2: Developing creative ideas and people in your organization
  • Learn what blocks us from being more creative and how we can overcome them
  • Team and individual creativity – how to develop and sustain it 
  • How can your team learn to be more creative and develop truly disruptive ideas 
  • Frameworks for creativity and tools for systemic idea generation 
Module 3: How to create innovative product ideas and value for your customers
  • How to uncover hidden value in your market 
  • Creating products and services that amaze and surpass your customers’ expectations 
  • Frameworks for idea development through prototyping 
Module 4: Design thinking for you and your organization
  • Learn how to dig deep into customer needs 
  • Learn how to collaborate and create value through new insights into customers’ needs
Dr. Ricketts is offering his class in North Texas because of his relationship with Tech Titans. The Masterclass will be Wednesday, May 29, and Thursday, May 30, both from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm. Addison Treehouse is hosting the event. 
Beth Kolman, Events Manager
(972) 792-2850