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Board approves Tech Titans goals for 2017

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February 14, 2017
The Tech Titans board held their first meeting of the year and approved the program of work about how the organizations’ efforts will be spent during the coming year. Read more about how the various teams will be working to achieve the goals that affect you and the tech industry in 2017.
Legislative Advocacy
Tech Titans will execute a successful state legislative agenda and increase federal advocacy by implementing a leadership trip to Washington DC in 2017.
The Tech Titans legislative agenda is a selection of priorities that the Tech Titans Advocacy Team work together to create that spells out the concerns and desires for the tech industry in North Texas. The legislative agenda has been approved included higher education, economic development, workforce development, and public education.
Engaging Technology Enabled Companies 
Expand Tech Titans Gala Awards nominations to increase technology-enabled company nominations by 25% over 2016 results. Partner with 4 non-technology industry or professional associations to solicit Gala nominations or produce Forum events.
The Tech Titans Award nominations are open now, and the goal is to expand the number of nominations coming from companies that don’t primarily place their product offering on technology. We believe every company is a technology company, and that should be reflected in our yearly recognition cycle. At the same time, we are proactively looking for other partners to help us invite those at these companies to participate in our special interest forums.

Forums Expansion
Produce at least 30 informative and insightful Forum programs that address top technology trends, promotes innovation, connects companies with customers, and creates an incomparable environment for networking in North Texas. Determine by the end of Q1 on the addition or deletion of any Forums for 2017. Each forum will seek at least one event during the year at a location or venue outside of the traditional Tech Titans locations to ensure geographic diversity as well as engagement and collaboration with new audiences. 
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Develop at least 2 Reverse Pitch, Venture Forum or TechQuests events for large and mid-cap segments of the Tech Titans membership.
This effort would focus on providing visibility between what efforts corporate investors/influencers would be interested in developing and the capabilities that small businesses are passionate about and interested in making a reality. The targeted small businesses would have grown beyond the early stage and have already acquired their first profitable client.
STEM Workforce
Raise the awareness of DFW area junior high and/or high school students and administrators with respect to technology industry sectors, employers and specific STEM career opportunities in North Texas by touching 3,000 students and administrators by the end of Q42017 through implementation of the active STEM Workforce Eco-system designed and built in Q42016.
Leadership Engagement
100% of all TT Board members will commit to and engage during 2017 to broaden the base of the organization. Each Board member will help solicit at least one company for membership during the year and 5 co-workers/colleagues to engage in Tech Titans.
Molly Ulmer, Chief Governance Officer