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2020 Tech Titans update from Chair Amy Wheelus

Chair Amy Wheelus from AT&T gave an update for 2020 during the Tech Titans Awards Gala. View her message (understanding that the Gala had a Roaring 20s theme).
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Tech Titans has an overarching why.
We are a forum that connects the regional technology community to collaborate, share, and inspire the creative thinking that fuels tomorrow's innovations.
In 2020, this has become more important than ever. And we have demonstrated our why, by adapting how we operate, and deliver programming and volunteer opportunities. responding to these previously unimagined challenges.
Our programs continue to be a major focal point for members. We quickly pivoted to virtual presentations in March, with the tech industry luncheon leading the way with high level and high content speakers. forums produced with targeted content.
The Tech Titans Expo will take place in a virtual format.
And we've added one off programming to address pandemic related issues. The Tech Titans Innovation Team focuses their efforts on the latest high-tech topics, to help our member companies stay on the competitive edge.
We launched the Tech Titans 5G Grand Challenge for entrepreneurs developing 5G-enabled solutions. Finalists swam into a shark tank-like gauntlet of judging from major technology companies and celebrity judges, including Mark Cuban, Charlotte Jones of the Cowboys and my own CEO of AT&T Consumer Thaddeus Arroyo.
Our STEM workforce initiative took their diversity and successful Women in Engineering speaking panels online. As students were quarantined at home this spring, we launched the STEM Question Challenge. Students can now earn grocery store gift cards by answering essay topics about STEM, keeping their minds engaged in STEM while helping to meet their physical needs. The reach of the STEM initiative continues to grow and has already surpassed 15,000 inspiration points since its inception.
On an unusually beautiful August morning, despite the pandemic, 67 golfers ventured out of their bubbles to reconnect with their North Texas network at the Tech Titans golf tournament presented by CyrusOne.
Our virtual programming has extended our reach in the community. And we've implemented tiered levels of membership, increasing benefits and pushing for more member outreach. New memberships and member attentions have increased, which is awesome.
Even during what can best be called a strange year, the Tech Titans awards generated a record number of nominations, far exceeding our expectations. Besides that, all awards for the virtual gala were sponsored—a great way to show us support during a time when it's easy to say “next year.” The tech community stood with us and said “this year.”
All of this tells me that our Why is more important than ever. These accomplishments and highlights speak to the value of the relationships we've established and the trust placed in us by all of you: our members, committee leaders, volunteers, speakers, board members and staff. Thank you.
It is truly a great time to be a Tech Titan.

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