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PriceSenz LLC


IT Services & Consultants

About Us

PriceSenz is a Digital Technology Services company located in Dallas, TX. We help Enterprise and mid-market clients transform their business through integration of automation, prediction and data-driven decision making into their business processes towards improved revenue, profitability and customer experience. We have a track record of delivering complex digital and business transformation programs at various Fortune 200 companies. We hold ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications as well along with MBE and SBE certifications.

Our offerings are as follows:

Digital Transformation
• AI Strategy
• Data Strategy
• CX Strategy
• Roadmap
• Architecture
• Customer Journey Mapping
• UX Design

• ML Workbench
• MLOps
• Conversational AI
• Intelligent Document Automation
• Sentiment Analysis
• ICD-10 Predictions
• Computer Vision - Image & Video analysis
• Anomaly Detection
• Recommenders
• Price Optimization
• AI Applications

Data Engineering
• Data Ingestion
• Data Engineering
• Data Cleansing
• Data Prep
• Data Governance
• Data Lake on AWS

System Transformation
• CX Transformation
• API enablement
• Cloud Native
• Serverless Apps
• AI enablement
• Data Modernization
• Cloud Migration
• Mobile Apps

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