Judges Panel 2

Robert Fitzgerald
Robert FitzGerald is the Audit and Advisory practice leader for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)  industry group for Deloitte in North and Central Texas. In addition, Robert is responsible for overseeing service delivery to clients in the TMT industry group for Deloitte, where he has been a partner for more than 15 years. 
Alicia Makaye
GXA Network Solutions
As a VP at GXA, Alicia is a key decision maker that serves as a problem solver and advocate for the organization. As the overseer and developer of human resource functions, Alicia’s responsibilities include interviewing, recruiting, hiring, and managing employees. She also assists in organizational development, personnel development, team building, employee management and planning. Alicia has volunteered her time in the community and with GXA’s global missionary outreaches and has traveled to countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Mexico and Swaziland. Locally, Alicia volunteers her time at universities and other organizations to help students and adults looking for employment.
Alicia has a master’s degree in human resource management and a PhD in public affairs from UT Dallas. 
Sha-Chelle Manning
Pioneer Natural Resources
Director of Innovation
ShaChelle Devlin Manning is the director of innovation and enterprise integration for Pioneer Natural Resources, a large independent upstream and midstream oil and natural gas company. Manning is one of the co-founders of Malibu IQ, an investment partnership consisting of HRL Laboratories, commercializing the inventions of the more than 300 global leading scientists and technologists. Manning serves on the Texas Emerging Technology Fund Advisory Committee and formerly lead Texas’ nanotechnology strategic initiatives, resulting in $500M in investments and scaling of advanced technologies.
Sha-Chelle brings a wide range of experience in management and executive strategic
consulting for the companies, Lockheed Martin, HRL Labs, Zyvex Labs and Texas A&M University
focusing on high-technology solutions or services. 
Andrew Olowu
Andrew Olowu is chief technology officer at Axxess, a national leader in home health management software, and serves on its board of directors. Olowu is responsible for the overall technology, architecture and innovation of the Axxess platform. He recently was named the recipient of the Tech Titans Corporate CTO Award for his exceptional technical leadership, which fosters the development of new technology and innovations, resulting in significant value for both Axxess and the healthcare industry.
Paola Saibene
Paola Saibene is the CEO of TXYSAI, a technology consulting company. She has 22 years of IT-practitioner experience, having held multiple C-level roles in multi-billion dollar organizations. Paola blends her technology experience with her psychology and literature post-graduate degrees, bringing an ecosystem approach to the evolving digital era.